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International Labour Day 2022: Significance, History, Wishes, messages for this May day

The International Labour Organization has sought to promote awareness of the importance of labour peace to development since its founding in 1919.

International Labour Day, commonly known as International Workers' Day, is observed every year on May 1. The purpose of the day is to create public awareness about workers' rights and to honour their achievements. India, like many other nations, enjoys a national holiday on this day.

Individuals must spread the news and spirit of this particular day in the same manner they would any other exceptional day. We've put up a collection of quotations, notes, and wishes that you may publish on various social media networks to help you out.

Labour Day 2022 Wishes & Messages

Sending our appreciation and respect to the workers of every field. Happy International Labour Day!

  • Happy May day. Please take a good rest today and do it your way.
  •  I wish you a wonderful May day. Take some time to unwind so you can return to work with renewed vigour.
  • May you be blessed with numerous blessings in your life. Sending you my best wishes on this May day.
  • Workers are creators and a great asset to every nation. Happy Workers’ Day

Significance of labour day

People all throughout the world demonstrate for workers' rights and to free them from exploitation on this day. Labor Day is also a national holiday in India and a number of other nations.

History of International labour day

The origins of the day may be traced back to the United States' 19th-century labour union movement. The Marxist International Socialist Congress approved a resolution in 1889 asking for a huge international demonstration to demand that workers not be compelled to work more than eight hours each day.

After then, it became an annual event, and May 1 was designated as Labour Day. It was originally recognised on May 1, 1890, after being declared at the inaugural International Congress of Socialist Parties in Europe on July 14, 1889.