iOS 16 Might soon get an Always-On Display Feature like Android, expect to include with iPhone 14

With Watch Series 5, Apple introduced an always-on display functionality for Apple Watches

Always-on functionality is one display feature that is fairly widespread in Android phones, both luxury and mid-range. And the feature has been available for quite some time.

Apple, on the other hand, hasn't included the always-on display functionality in iPhones. There were rumours that the iPhone 13 series might acquire the functionality, but it never happened. It's now being speculated that Apple will include the always-on display functionality with iOS 16.

According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, Apple will demonstrate the functionality with iOS 16 at WWDC 2022, which starts on June 6. "I'm told iOS 16 builds in future support for an always-on lock screen, something Apple was initially considering for last year's iPhone 13," Gurman said in his weekly email. 

The crucial term here is future support, since it is unclear if it will be included with the iPhone 14 series or whether Apple would make the feature available to existing iPhones as well. Apple is expected to preserve the always-on functionality in the iPhone 14 Pro series as a significant differentiation between the regular iPhone 14 and the Pro versions.

Gurman also went through the mechanics of the function. According to Gurman, "the iPhone will be able to cut down the frame rate substantially on the lock screen and display fast glanceable information – comparable to current Apple Watches" with an always-on display.

With Watch Series 5, Apple introduced an always-on display functionality for Apple Watches. The functionality was carried over to subsequent models as well.

WWDC 2022 will be held from June 6 to 11 and will contain new features for Apple's key OS platforms, including iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and watchOS, among others. According to rumours, there will be a hardware unveiling, most likely the all-new redesigned MacBook Air.

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