Moon Knight Episode 6 Gods and Monsters review and ending explained

Moon Knight Episode 6 Gods and Monsters review and ending explained

The season finale of 'Moon Knight' pits Ammit and Arthur Harrow against Khonshu and Marc Spector. The Disney+ series concludes grandiose, lethal, and deliciously strange, exactly as it began. The six-episode Disney+ series is visually stunning and offers plenty of laughs.

Moon Knight Episode 6 review

The episode, titled 'Gods and Monsters,' ultimately returns to the current day, with Harrow (Ethan Hawke) finally unleashing Ammit and the long-awaited Marc and Steven reconciliation. May Calamawy does an excellent job in her part, and the story comes to a satisfying conclusion.

Tawaret and her avatar, Layla (Calamawy), also make an appearance as the duo takes on Ammit. In comparison to the five episodes, the ending of Moon Knight is relatively brief. 

Moon Knight Episode 6 ending explain

After a pretty dramatic episode 5, the 42-minute episode pulls out all the stops as the action takes centre stage. Despite its predictability, the series is gripping and enjoyable to watch, and it concludes by posing the broader philosophical issue of 'Are gods truly monsters?'

While the outcome is obvious, it's the scene during the mid-credits that completes the introduction of Jake Lockley, Spector's second most significant alter in the comics. In New York, Lockley is characterised as a harsh cab driver. It was supposed to be the detective aspect of the character. He develops sources through his employment as a cab driver.

Since the MCU had previously introduced Steven Grant and Marc Spector, it was only natural that the next alter would be Lockley, and while the wait had been long since Episode 3, it was well worth it. The lack of a post-credits sequence means that 'Moon Knight' does not yet tie in with any of the MCU films. If this was intended to be a stand-alone series, it succeeded.

Moon Knight Episode 6 ending explain

Moon Knight Episode 6 review

Spoiler Alert

The fight we'd all been waiting for finally came in Moon Knight's season finale, when Marc Spector and Steven Grant returned, giving Khonshu the manpower he needed to defeat Ammit. As Khonshu fought Ammit, Moon Knight and Layla (who had now become Taweret's avatar) went up against Arthur Harrow.

While Steven and Marc were requesting Moon Knight's release, the third, more aggressive personality reared his head once more. And, in the end, we figured out who it was.

We learned in the last minutes of the finale's post-credits sequence that Khonshu was ready to let Marc Spector and Steven Grant leave because he knew he wouldn't have to keep his vow. Why? Because the third personality, Jake Lockley, would continue to serve as his avatar, allowing him to continue enforcing justice – although in a considerably more brutal fashion.

Because Marc and Steven refused to assassinate Harrow, Khonshu enlisted Jake's help. And now, merely because they are oblivious of Jake's existence, the two are utterly unconscious that their body is still being utilised as Khonshu's Fist of Vengeance.

Moon Knight Episode 6 post credit scene

Jake, as well as who he is, was one of Marc's numerous identities in the comics. He soon manifested as one of his personalities, though. 

Fans have been anticipating Jake's appearance on the programme for a long time, with references to him first appearing in the first few episodes and then reappearing throughout the series. They'll no sure be relieved to learn that their assumption about Jake having the third, more aggressive personality was right.