Netflix is Working on Live Streaming Feature for Unscripted Shows

Netflix is now working on adding live streaming and voting to its platform.

Netflix appears to be on the verge of extending its livestreaming offerings. According to a recent rumour, Netflix is considering adding a livestreaming service to its platform.

Netflix is working on methods to broadcast forthcoming reality series and stand-up specials, according to a Deadline story. If Netflix enabled livestreams, it could livestream events like Selling Sunsets and allow live voting for competitive productions. Netflix may provide live comedy specials in the future.

According to the report, Netflix's future live-streaming function is still in the early phases of development. Netflix will be able to ask its viewers for live voting for competitive series and talent search shows once the technology is activated.

Netflix might also utilise it to perform live voting for competitive shows and talent challenges, according to the source, including Dance 100 from The Circle producer Studio Lambert.

Netflix Is a Joke Fest, the company's first live comedy event, was hosted in Los Angeles earlier this year. Dave Chappelle, Larry David, and Pete Davidson were among the 300 comedians that performed at the event. Netflix has planned to stream some of the event's shows later this month and in June. If Netflix brings back Netflix Is a Joke Fest next year, viewers will be able to watch the event from the comfort of their own homes thanks to the livestreaming capability.

There is no timetable, and insiders say the live rollout is still in its early stages. According to the report, a tiny group within Netflix is working on the product in its early phases.

Netflix now prioritises live-streaming capabilities. Netflix's main competitor, Disney+ Hotstar, already provides live sports streaming. However, it is yet unknown whether or not the live-streaming site would include sports streaming. Also on Disney+ Hotstar, the celebrity dance competition Dancing with the Stars will make its live series premiere later this year.

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