Nokia N73 will comes with 200MP ISOCELL sensor

Nokia N73 will comes with 200MP ISOCELL sensor

The Nokia N73 may include a 200MP ISOCELL sensor.

Before 2010, Nokia was a household name, but the corporation was unable to adapt to market changes and stay viable in the smartphone age.

Nokia is still around, although in recent years it has been confined to selling low-cost smartphones and re-releasing popular feature phones made by other businesses under licence under the Nokia brand name.

So, how does this pertain to Samsung? Nokia looks to be working on a new smartphone called the N73, which is not to be confused with the old Nokia N73 from 2007.

This new Nokia N73 is a full-fledged Android phone, and it may be the first to have Samsung's 200MP ISOCELL HP1 camera.

First and foremost, Motorola is said to have borrowed the HP1 sensor for a forthcoming handset. Motorola is expected to be the first to integrate the ISOCELL HP1 in a commercial product, according to rumours.

Even if Motorola is the first to employ a Samsung-made 200MP camera, it does not appear that it will be the only firm to do so before Samsung Electronics. Xiaomi appears to have similar intentions for the second half of 2022, and Nokia is now reportedly joining the party with the N73.

The most recent reports were followed by a fan-made render of the rumoured Nokia N73 and its penta-camera system. You can see it in the gallery below, however designs shown through unauthorised renderings are always subject to change.

In terms of Samsung's own ambitions for employing a high-resolution camera, the firm has purportedly completed development of the ISOCELL HP3, a new 200MP sensor. In 2023, the Galaxy S23 series might have this HP3 sensor.