Nothing Phone 1 will comes with Transparent Back and Wireless charging

Qualcomm chipset will power the smartphone, which might be from the Snapdragon 700 series or, more particularly

The Nothing phone (1), Nothing's first smartphone, is set to ship this summer, and if stories and tips are to be believed, we may finally have a date. We're now working on a series of teaser campaigns for the gadget, which include concept sketches, the NothingOS, and the Nothing launcher, which is accessible for a limited number of Android handsets.

Nothing has also attracted the attention of several airline partners. Nothing has collaborated with Flipkart in India, and the Nothing phone (1) will be accessible only on this e-commerce site whenever it is released.

Wallpaper provided a 'preview' of sorts with the "minds behind the gadget" to give us an idea of what to anticipate from the Nothing phone (1). To cut a long tale short, the interview supports what most people suspected. The rear of the Nothing phone (1) will be transparent.

In the interview, Tom Howard, the head of design at Nothing, stated that they "wanted to bring the inside out" of a smartphone with over 400 components. The design will also "highlight those they believe are particularly fascinating to emphasise," such as the camera and the wireless charging coil.

The discussion also revealed that the Nothing phone (1) would have a recyclable aluminium frame, which will help the firm decrease its initial carbon footprint.

Apart than that, not much is known about the smartphone, but a report claims that the Smartphone would be unveiled on July 21. It is unclear if the handset will be released or sold on that date.

According to reports, the Nothing phone (1) will cost 500 euros (about Rs 41,483) and will have mid-range features. A Qualcomm chipset will power the smartphone, which might be from the Snapdragon 700 series or, more particularly, the Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 that was just released.

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