OnePlus 10 Pro Receiving OxygenOS 12 A.14 Update with Security Patch for May

The OnePlus 10 Pro is getting a fresh OxygenOS 12 (A.14) upgrade, with the firmware number NE2211 11.A.14

The OnePlus 10 Pro is getting a new OxygenOS 12 update, which includes the Android security patch for May 2022. Oneplus said on Monday that the upgrade will be rolled out in India in stages. System stability enhancements and a few additional performance adjustments are included in the OxygenOS 12 (A.14) version. The OnePlus 10 Pro's network connectivity has also been improved for a more consistent experience. For the time being, the Shenzhen business has not said when the upgrade would be available in other locations.

What's New in this update (changelog)?

The OnePlus 10 Pro is getting a fresh OxygenOS 12 (A.14) upgrade, with the firmware number NE2211 11.A.14. It is supposed to increase the handset's system stability, as previously stated. The music stuttering when linked to a Bluetooth vehicle kit has been resolved. This version also fixes a potential noise issue when capturing audio. Additionally, OnePlus has resolved an issue that resulted in overexposed HDR images on occasion. The device should now be able to maintain a consistent network connection. This release also includes the Android security patch for May 2022.

The Oxygen Updater has picked up and made the OxygenOS 12 (A.15) upgrade accessible for certain users by accident, according to OnePlus. The A.15 upgrade is a test build, according to the company's forum post. It is recommended that customers do not download this update and instead wait for the stable A.14 version to arrive.

Steps to update OxygenOS 12 (A.14)

In the next weeks, OnePlus 10 Pro owners in India will progressively receive this update. When the update is ready for their devices, they will be alerted automatically.

  1. Go to settings or open settings app
  2. Search for system
  3. Then select system update

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