Oppo F17, A73 Starts Receiving Android 12 Based ColorOS Update

Oppo announced the availability of ColorOS 12 for the Oppo F17 in India via a community news post

The official ColorOS 12 upgrade for the Oppo F17 and Oppo A73 has begun. In India and Vietnam, the latest Android 12 upgrade is presently being rolled out. 

However, if customers want to obtain the ColorOS 12 upgrade during the initial deployment phase, they must submit an application, according to the firm. Both Oppo smartphone models have gotten the ColorOS 12 Beta version in April prior to this.

Oppo announced the availability of ColorOS 12 for the Oppo F17 in India via a community news post. The Oppo A73 was also given the same treatment in Vietnam, according to the manufacturer.

Users should prepare a backup before updating their phones, according to the smartphone manufacturer, to avoid data loss due to unforeseen events.

oppo ColorOS 12 update

In the meanwhile, if you wish to install the official ColorOS 12 based on Android 12 on your Oppo phone, head to Settings > About phone > Software update > Detect the ColorOS 12 version > Trial Version.

It's also a good idea for eligible users to make sure their device is running the most recent official version of ColorOS. Just like previously stated, in April, the Oppo F17 and Oppo A73 received a beta version of the ColorOS12 upgrade based on Android 12.

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