PUBG Mobile finally introduces Official Livik Map

PUBG Mobile finally introduces Official Livik Map

New vehicle, and traditional map updates are all part of PUBG Mobile 2.0.

Now it's been 2 months since the previous PUBG Mobile update, so it's time for some new content to arrive as the game hits version 2.0. The Official Livik map (freshly out of beta), as well as several new weaponry, a new vehicle, and classic map updates, will be available to players starting this morning with PUBG Mobile's 2.0 release. Of course, a new season will begin soon, with Royale Pass Month 11, also known as Hidden Hunters, kicking off. So let's have a look at what's new.

The clip above shows off PUBG Mobile 2.0 in action, including a sneak peek at the new Official Livik map and a tease of an Evangelion crossover (which is weirdly absent from the game's 2.0 update announcement). Players may anticipate Livik-exclusive crates with upgrades for five different weapons in addition to the new map and tie-in event (AKM, M416, P90, MK12, and M24). A new vehicle, the UTV, is also in the mix (available in Aftermath).

Fans may also expect several enhancements, such as stronger shotguns, as well as a little soccer field in Cheer Park.

Cycle 2 Season 6 will begin on May 19th and will conclude on July 18th. C2S6 Glasses, C2S6 Set, C2S6 Parachute, C2S6 - QBU, C2S6 Mask, and C2S6 Cover are among the season's honours. Extra rewards, such as Favorites Crates and RP perk events, will be available in Royale Pass Month 11: Hidden Hunters.

That's all there is to it. With the latest update, PUBG Mobile has reached version 2.0, which includes a new map, vehicle, and weaponry.