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PUBG Mobile Lite, New update release date, What we can expect?

PUBG Mobile Lite upcoming new update release date and expectations

PUBG Mobile Lite is a popular battle royale game with millions of players that was released in August 2019 for smartphones with less RAM. Beginners may get the game straight from Google Play Store, and if players want to download it through an APK file, the APK file can be found on the game's official website and downloaded and installed on your phone.

PUBG Mobile Lite New Update expected Release Date

Though with PUBG Mobile Lite, developers continue to provide fresh updates that bring new maps, modes, and premium features to the game, ensuring that players are always playing something new. Recently, the PUBG Mobile Lite 0.22.2 patch update was published, with few new features, and now gamers are impatiently awaiting the release of the next version of the game. In this post, we will present all the information we have so far.

The WP Season 35 of PUBG Mobile Lite finished on April 30, and the Winner Pass Season 36 of the game began on May 1. In the game, the Winner Pass Season 36 will be available in two distinct variants. The Elite Pass version costs 250 BC, while the Elite Pass Plus version costs 800 BC. Players must accomplish numerous weekly assignments to get rank awards. 

When it comes to the release date of the forthcoming PUBG Mobile Lite version, no official statement has been made yet, but developers are anticipated to have some information about the new update in the coming days. If gamers want the most up-to-date information about the game's upcoming update, they may go to the game's official website.