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Self made modified KTM motorcycle will shock you, see the creativity of this Youtuber

A YouTuber has created a one-wheeled, self-balancing KTM motorbike powered by a battery by combining his ingenuity with proper technical procedures.

A YouTuber has constructed a unique one-wheeled and self-balancing KTM Motorcycle by combining modification techniques with new revolutionary concepts. This isn't the first time the man has acted in this manner. He was previously in the headlines for inventing a one-wheeled scooter. A video on YouTube was used to bring the man's work to the public's attention.

The man is riding his one-wheeled KTM motorbike in the video. A gasoline tank was mounted on the frame of a Yamaha FZ to create the bike. After that, they built the rest of the frame out of pipes. Then, using a piece of cardboard, cut out a seat and used the same cardboard as a stencil to cut out a cutout on a piece of metal. A piece of foam was glued on the metal and then cut to form the seat.

After that, the bike's chassis was finished, and the panels were spray painted. The squad has picked a colour palette that is comparable to that of KTM motorcycles. It is painted in white and orange.

They then proceeded to put the bike together by placing the chassis on the wheel, which was then connected to the handlebar and tank. A seat was installed on the frame to finish the bike. For increased strength, they placed a subframe in the lower half.

The batteries that power the one-wheeled KTM motorbike can be seen being constructed in the video. An MCB on the bike may be used to start the bike. On the front end, it gets a false headlight.

The most important element of the scooter is the self-balancing sensor, which supports the scooter in self-balancing. The one-wheeled KTM must be correctly mounted and calibrated; otherwise, it will not stand up and balance on its own. The cables link the sensor to the throttle cable.