Unknown Callers Now will unable to Disturb People anymore, Truecaller Framework by GOVT?

The Department of Telecom has sent Trai to commence consultations on the matter, according to PTI (DoT).

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) is developing a new framework that would display the caller's name on the phone screen of the recipient. Only after a phone number is saved in the contact list does a name appear on the phone screen. 

Trai will shortly begin consultations on designing a system for the caller's KYC-based name to appear on phone screens, according to news agency PTI, citing a "senior official." If a phone number isn't saved, applications like Truecaller can assist users identify callers. However, because the majority of the data on the app is crowdsourced, there are certain limits.

The Department of Telecom has sent Trai to commence consultations on the matter, according to PTI (DoT). Consultations on this will begin in a few months, according to Trai Chairman PD Vaghela.

Despite the government's and smartphone OEMs' attempts to curb spam calls, the move might offer openness to the whole calling network. The real timing of the development is unknown at this moment because the move is only a reference. It might take several years to finish.

According to 'experts,' a KYC-based caller identification method would protect consumers from an increase in spam calls and fraud.

However, a representative for Truecaller, a caller identification app, said in an email statement, "They support any and all activities in the quest to make communication safe and efficient.  To reduce the threat of spam and scam calls, number identification is critical, and they at Truecaller have been working relentlessly on this essential cause for the past 13 years. They applaud TRAI's action and restate our strong support for this and any future initiatives they may undertake."

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