Viral Video, Man foregoes his wedding reception to Save a Dog trapped in a River

The video, which was only shared on Reddit a few days ago, has already gone viral

It's one thing to love a dog; it's quite another to save one. Animals may get imprisoned and unable to flee perilous circumstances. As a result, witnessing footage of people rescuing animals is really motivating.

For example, in this video, a man foregoes his wedding celebration in order to save a stray dog from drowning on the edge of an overflowing river.

In the footage, the dog is seen standing on his legs alongside an overflowing stream on what appears to be a concrete foundation. Seconds into the video, a man dressed in a typical two-piece suit is seen walking toward the riverbank and saving the dog. Another man is seen joining hands in the effort so that he may pull the "coatless hero" up once the canine is safely rescued.

The clip, which was only recently posted on Reddit, has already gone viral. It has received over 60,000 likes and hundreds of comments. While some viewers thought the chat between the man and the stray dog at the conclusion of the film was their favourite part, others said they liked how the dog ultimately followed the man behind.

A lady in the United Kingdom recently rescued her dog after it jumped out a window. A woman in the United Kingdom caught the dog that had fallen from her flat window and had quick reflexes. Her quick thinking saved the puppy, as seen by the doorbell footage.

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