Viral Video of a Dog Singing Song with Playing Piano

Watch this amazing video of a dog performing a song while playing the piano go viral.

The internet is a platform where we can watch many fantastic movies of animals that have gone viral, and we have a video of a dog for you today that is quite entertaining. A pet dog is seen playing the piano in this viral video, and the funny part is that he is also singing a song after playing the piano. This video has now received 2.1 million views on the YouTube account 'Buddy Mercury.'

The brown and white hue dog can be seen standing on the piano in the house and singing after touching the piano keys with his foot.

Dog enjoys singing songs so much that he continuously presses the Piano key to sing. The dog's owner recorded this footage on his phone, which has gone popular on the internet. After seeing this film, internet users have expressed a variety of emotions.

Also people sharing their feelings about dogs in comments section of this viral video.

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