Viral Video of Pet Dog Jumping from Building's Window, Watch the Shocking Viral video

The video went popular on social media when it was uploaded on Reddit

A woman with fast reflexes and situational awareness saved her dog from jumping out of a window in the United Kingdom.

Rachel Green is seen receiving a package outside her house in a now-viral video before looking up and yelling, "Get back!" She then gets closer to the building and catches her dog as it falls out of her apartment window. The doorbell footage demonstrates how her fast thinking saved the dog.

Rachel Green, the owner of LadBible, said how the epidemic, along with the lockdown, had made her cat more attached than normal.

The video went popular on social media when it was uploaded on Reddit's "Made Me Smile" section. With over 54,000 upvotes and 1K comments, the article has received a lot of attention.

Many studies have found that when dogs grew accustomed to their owners staying at home during the epidemic, they were more devoted to them. To assist their dogs become more independent, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has encouraged owners to limit contact with their pets when they are at home.

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