WhatsApp Business soon get Premium Subscription Plans, Check what is the different?

As more beta details surface, the WhatsApp multi-device premium plan begins to take form.

According to reports, WhatsApp is working on a subscription model for its business app. Users will be able to access a number of previously inaccessible features within the app with this new subscription level.

According to WABetaInfo, the new WhatsApp Premium membership plan would allow clients of the WhatsApp Business app to connect up to 10 devices with the same WhatsApp number. Users will also be able to rename each of these devices individually to make them easier to identify. This number of devices is currently limited to four across all WhatsApp applications on various platforms.

WhatsApp premium subscription

Additionally, WhatsApp Premium users will be able to create a unique customised business connection. While companies may currently use short links to allow consumers to reach them by clicking on a link that contains their phone number, WhatsApp Premium will allow them to create a custom URL, such as wa.me/contact (name of business). As a consequence, users of WhatsApp will be able to recognise and connect with business accounts more simply.

The blog site noted, "It is not a username, but it is distinctive." "A separate business dialogue will always be accessed by the custom short link."

WhatsApp Premium is also mentioned as an optional feature on the site. This means that WhatsApp Business account holders will not be required to pay for the plan in order to benefit from its features. Customers can pick it instead if they wish to take advantage of the plan's perks.

This capability is being developed for WhatsApp Business' Desktop, Android, and iOS apps and will be available to users in the future, according to the blog site. Meanwhile, WhatsApp Premium, which is owned by Meta, is expected to get new features, making it more interesting to consumers. Pricing is still being worked out.

Moreover, WhatsApp is working on a feature that would allow members to silently exit a group. When this capability is enabled, only group admins will be alerted when a member quits the group, according to a second blog post.

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