WhatsApp Get's Stranger Things Sticker Pack, Steps to Download with Full Installation Guide

WhatsApp releases latest Stranger Things Sticker Pack for all users expect Android, iOS and WhatsApp Web

The first season of Stranger Things 4 will air on Netflix on May 27. Ahead of the premiere, some of the world's most prominent structures were lighted up in honour of the show's next season.

The thrills don't stop there. In honour of the impending season of Stranger Things, WhatsApp has created a new sticker pack featuring characters from the show. This new Stranger Things sticker collection can be downloaded through WhatsApp's Android and iOS applications. This sticker collection is also available on WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop for WhatsApp users. So, here's a quick approach to downloading the Stranger Things sticker collection for WhatsApp.

Steps to Download Stranger Things Sticker Pack

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  1. Open WhatsApp and open any chat window you want to chat with
  2. Tap the sticker option that appears in the message bar in the bottom right corner as shown in images below
  3. Tap the sticker icon at the bottom and then tap the 'Plus' + icon on top of the sticker bar.
  4. Just click on Download button at the right corner of Stranger Things Sticker Pack.

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