WhatsApp Introduces Profile Cover Photo, Will all users get this Feature?

In a future upgrade of WhatsApp Desktop beta, a business account user will be allowed to create a personalised cover photo.

On WhatsApp Desktop, WhatsApp is working on allowing users to post a cover photo to their business profile.

According to sources, the Meta-owned messaging network WhatsApp Corporate for iOS now allows users to create cover photographs for their business accounts. For Android, the feature is in the works. Also WhatsApp is working on EDIT MESSAGE Feature to allow users edit a wrong message instead of delete.

According to WABetaInfo, the platform is working on extending the option to set up a cover photo to WhatsApp Desktop beta as well.

WhatsApp profile cover photo

According to the source, in a future release of WhatsApp Desktop beta, users will be able to put up a personalised cover photo while setting their business profile and adding a header image. This is a tool for business. As a result, regular WhatsApp accounts are unable to create cover photographs.

In the future, the functionality is likely to be provided on WhatsApp Desktop beta. Separately, WhatsApp is working on a reply indication for status updates for regular users. In a future version of WhatsApp beta for Android, iOS, and Desktop, the functionality is scheduled to be accessible.

According to the article, it will display a distinct symbol to signify that the most recent message in the conversation is a response to a status update.

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