WhatsApp is working on Rich Link Status Feature for getting more engagement

According to WABetaInfo, when posting a link to a status update, the platform is working on the ability to produce rich link previews.

When sharing a link to a text status update, WhatsApp is now working on providing rich link previews. Both the sender and the recipient will benefit from examining the previews before opening or reading the entire email. The testing is presently limited to iOS users, but it may be expanded to include Android users in the future. There is currently a preview when sharing a link to text status updates on WhatsApp beta for Android, but it is not a rich preview.

WhatsApp new status rich link updates

"By providing more information in the shared link, WhatsApp delivers a rich preview. WhatsApp plans to provide better link previews in the future. WhatsApp beta for Android and Desktop will certainly receive the same functionality at a later date "according to WABetaInfo.

In other news, WhatsApp has been spotted making minor changes to the status update page. WhatsApp tracker WABetaInfo reported that the company has relocated the emoji, text, and background colour choices from the status update page's footer to the right top corner. Although this has no effect on users, some of you may find it strange at first.

WhatsApp status rich link

The second update concerns the disappearance of WhatsApp messages. After creating a function that allows users to organise several chats to disappear at once, WhatsApp is working on a new introduction to disappearing messages that will be given in a future edition (available at a later date).

WABetaInfo states, "We can see a header image with fading words and three icons." "But let's concentrate on the last one: the bookmark picture about archiving fading communications after they've expired. WhatsApp users will be unable to view the new introduction since the option to keep deleted messages is still missing. To avoid messages from vanishing in a future update, expect this introduction to occur after the feature's launch "again WABetaInfo added.

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