WhatsApp soon get Status reply indicator, What's New with this Update?

When a message is a reply to a status update, the instant chat messenger will display a new symbol to assist you recognise it

The week before, WhatsApp said that it will discontinue supporting some older versions of iOS in order to ensure that all of the app's current features are available. And the Meta-owned firm is working on a slew of additional features, like the status reply indicator, which is a minor but intriguing addition.

WhatsApp's new status reply indication, originally noticed by WABetainfo, is designed to let users know which of their recent messages is a reaction to their app's status.

whatsapp status reply indicator whatsapp status reply indicator update

When a message is a reply to a status update, the instant chat messenger will display a new symbol to assist you recognise it without having to enter the conversation.

The instant chat messaging company appears to be testing the function internally and may or may not expose it to the broader public, depending on how valuable it is to consumers. Regardless, WABetainfo has an image of the new symbol that will display when a message is a status reply. The screenshot is shown below.

The status reply indication symbol was initially noticed on the WhatsApp desktop client, but that doesn't rule out iOS and Android versions. The functionality will be available on WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS in the next days, according to WABetainfo.

Similarly, the Meta-owned business just unveiled a slew of new features, including 32-person audio calls, the option to check status updates in the chat list, and the ability to utilise a single WhatsApp account across several devices.

In addition, the business is working on a new feature that would allow users to silently exit WhatsApp groups. These features are currently in development and will be made accessible to the general public once they are complete.

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