WhatsApp soon release Silently Exit Group Feature for leave group without knowing anyone

The issue is not exclusive to WhatsApp; it also affects other instant messaging applications. That, however, might soon improve.

WhatsApp revealed a update again for its future additions. It was recently discovered that it was testing rich link previews for Status updates, and today's headline mentions an intriguing feature for WhatsApp group members. The future functionality will allow you to quietly abandon any irritating WhatsApp groups without alerting others. 

Here are the specifics -

WhatsApp exit group without knowing anyone

According to a fresh claim from WABetaInfo, the Meta-owned messaging service is working on allowing users to quit a WhatsApp group without informing others. Only the group admins will be notified when you want to leave a group on the site, according to a forthcoming update.

If you choose to leave a group, a pop-up will appear informing you that only you and the group admin will be aware of your decision. Take a peek.

Currently, when someone leaves a WhatsApp group, a system notice is posted on the group, informing all members of the change. This will no longer be the case in the future, and you will be able to quickly delete a WhatsApp group without difficulty. However, if every member of a WhatsApp group is an admin, it may be fruitless. In case you didn't know, a WhatsApp group may have numerous administrators.

According to the source, the feature is still in the works and will take some time to reach beta testers. The option to secretly abandon WhatsApp groups is planned to be available to Android, iOS, and desktop users. When it will be widely available remains to be seen.

To recall, the chat platform will soon allow users to create groups with up to 512 members, up from the current maximum of 256. It has also created the Communities page, which is scheduled to reach users shortly, to help group admins better manage all of their groups. It's also working on a feature that will allow users to see rich link previews in WhatsApp Status, as well as the option to reply to a Status including an emojis.

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