Wordle 328 Answer Today, Wordle Answer for May 13

Wordle 328 Answer Today, Wordle Answer for May 13

Today's Wordle 328 Answer: See Hints And Clues For Today's Wordle Answer

Wordle has been increasingly popular in recent years. For millions of individuals all across the world, it has become regular. Wordle is a basic word game that can be played on the web. You've come to the correct spot if you're looking for clues and the answer to today's Wordle (Wordle 328 for May 13).

Today's Wordle is an adjective. There is only one vowel in today's Wordle solution. The phrase literally means "slightly inebriated." Sober is the polar opposite of today's wordle. Rainy, appropriately, cheerful, and train are the hints and clues for today's word of the day.

Wordle 328 answer is TIPSY.

A 5X6 grid is used in the game. The players must guess the word by typing letters into a labyrinth box. Players' alphabets are highlighted in various colours on each try. If a box becomes green, it indicates that the letter is part of the word of the day and is in the correct location. If the box becomes yellow, it means the letter is in the Wordle but not in the right spot. If a letter is not part of the word, the box will turn grey.