Wordle 333 Answer Today, Wordle May 18 Answer and Hints

May 18's Wordle 333: To conduct a thorough search in order to discover something

Wordle is a word game played on the internet. It has recently increased in popularity and has become a daily ritual for millions of individuals all around the world. Playing Wordle is a breeze. You've come to the correct spot if you're looking for clues and the answer to today's Wordle (Wordle 333 for May 18).

Today's Wordle is both a noun and a verb. Today's Wordle solution features two vowels that come after each other in a row.

It refers to the process of rubbing something hard to clean or brighten its surface, usually using an abrasive or detergent. It also refers to doing a thorough search to locate anything.

Middle English: from Middle Dutch, Middle Low German schren, from Old French escurer, from late Latin excurare 'to clean', from ex- 'away' + curare 'to clean'.

Search, comb, massage, clean, wash, dig through are some of the hints and clues for today's word of the day.

Wordle 333 Answer is "SCOUR".

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