Xiaomi confirms to launch Mi Band 7, Check here expected features and specifications

The Mi Band 7 will have a 1.62-inch AMOLED display, which is somewhat larger than the 1.56-inch display on the Mi Smart Band 6

On May 24, Xiaomi will release its next-generation Mi Band 7 smart band. The popular fitness wearable is expected to have a larger display this year, with the rest of the functions remaining the same as the Mi Smart Band 6 released in 2021.

The Mi Band 7 will make its debut in China, and Xiaomi will roll it out to additional regions in the weeks after the launch, as is customary. This week, the business even posted a photo of the Mi Band 7 on Weibo, giving us our first glimpse at the brand's latest fitness wearable.

Mi Band 7 features and specifications

mi Band 7

According to the picture, the Mi Band 7 will have a 1.62-inch AMOLED display, which is somewhat larger than the 1.56-inch display on the Mi Smart Band 6 from last year. Xiaomi has been working to enhance the display size of the Mi Band 4 since its introduction, allowing customers to see more details on the Mi Band's screen. However, the popularity of the Mi Band is due to more than simply its style and pricing.

The business has managed to cram in enough functions to keep the average user happy. And its performance to price ratio is excellent, which has helped the Mi Band become a popular brand in the market since its inception.

The Mi Band 7 is set to be no different, with a host of health sensors on board, including a heart-rate sensor, SpO2 monitor, menstruation tracker, and many fitness/sports modes for various uses.

The charging device for the Mi Band is incorporated within the module, which may be separated from the band to charge. To keep the design progress rolling, we hope Xiaomi has found another method to fit the battery charging connector.

These minor tweaks are unlikely to affect the price of the Mi Band 7 this year, but given the market environment and rising raw material costs, Xiaomi may have to reconsider its position. We're curious to see if Xiaomi plays it safe with the Mi Band 7 or offers anything more to consumers this year, especially since the debut date is only a few days away.

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