A Video gone Viral from Bihar, The victim lost his Vehicle because of Agnipath Scheme Protest

Viral video of Agnipath Scheme Protest, a man lost his vehicle and crying

In the millions of videos on the internet, a new video recently gone viral. This video is relate with the new scheme Agnipath. After announcing the Agnipath scheme on June 14, many people starts protest against this scheme many cities in India.

A video uploaded on YouTube on June 19. Once the video uploaded on YouTube, this video gone viral with 14 million views with 1.7 million likes. Uploader also mentioned Bihar students in the title of that video. Also thousands of users react to that guy and regards the protest. According to the victim, he lost his vehicle because the protest and said with crying face to not harm anyone because of their advantage.

A youtube users react and comment "When a middle class person buys car with his savings and some other guy break it or fire it just because he was angry on something. If can't buy then don't destroy others".

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