Alpha Ace garena APK Download link with Full Installation Guide, Is Alpha Ace released by Garena International?

Alpha Ace APK download link with full installation guide inside, all about Alpha Ace game

If you are looking for Alpha Ace apk released by Garena, then you are on right place. In this article i will share with you all the releted information regarding Garena Alpha Ace and steps to Download and how you can play Alpha Ace game.

What is Alpha Ace?

Alpha Ace Garena APK Download

Alpha Ace is a game published by Garena International II in the Google Play Store for selected region or servers. From June 20, the curicity level among Free Fire players for this new battle royale game are increasing continuously. For some youtubers this is a alternate version of CS GO.

As you know, when garena release a game for any region, they already starts promoting their new and upcoming games via youtubers and gamers. You can take an example of Free Fire MAX. Before the 1 year of Free Fire MAX launch, garena has started promoting FF MAX via influencers to increase the excitement for their new game.

But for this Alpha Ace game, their are everything opposite happened. No any announces, no any promotion, not even a single post in any of their official pages. By seeing this types of activity i also starts research on that Alpha Ace game. I am trying to find any hint, leaks from every tipster. Unfortunately there are no any mation available regarding Ace Game.

Alpha Ace is Garena Official Game or Not?

No, Alpha Ace not published by Garena International I. But this game is published by Garena International II. There you can notice two different between them. First include I and second name include II.

You can also match the developer contact information from Original to New publisher. If you try to visit all apps page, then you will spot that original publisher has more apps like Garena Free Fire, Garena Free Fire MAX, Booyah! But the new publisher has only one app in Play Store called Alpha Ace.

Alpha Ace Garena
Garena International Original

Alpha Ace Garena
Garena International New

In June 24, Alpha Ace update their play store developer address with official website, which means now i can expect that this game is published by Garena International and this is a official app. Also this app is in early access on Play Store for Brazil region for limited devices only, you can't play this game without VPN, when I tried to open this game, then I got some error because my device is not comfortable with this version.

Steps to Alpha Ace APK Download

  1. Go to play store if you are from Brazil region or you can use Brazil VPN.
  2. Install through direct APK.
  3. Click on download button below and wait 10 seconds
  4. After downloading the APK, install it by the File manager app.
  5. You need to connect with Brazil VPN to play the game 
  6. After installation, Now open Alpha Ace and enjoy the early access.

Alpha Ace v0.1.0.apk App Package 22.5 MB .apk

Note that - Alpha Ace only available for Brazil region at the moment, so you need to use Brazil VPN to play the game, also this is supported for limited devices only. If the game not support in your device, then you will see an error when launch the Alpha Ace game.

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