Cloudflare down: Many popular websites affected like Quora, Canva, CodePen because of Internal error Cloudflare

Cloudflare down because of internal server error, Cloudflare API 's also stop working, know the reason

Cloudflare is a popular CDN used by many popular websites all over the world. Because of there fast network you can access a website in same time from any place. But sometimes cloudflare also face some problems during providing Content.

Cloudflare Internel server error

A report of 500 Internel server error recently listed on cloudflare status page regarding this issue. According to cloudflare, this issue was noticed exactly 12:04 pm Tuesday. During this season, many popular websites including Canva, CodePen etc. are going down who connected their websites with cloudflare. After 30 minutes of expert's review, the issue has resolved and the sites takes their past position and starts working as well as.

cloudflare down
500 Internel server error Cloudflare

Also cloudflare tweet on their official twitter account to aware developers and website owners regarding this Internel server error.

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