Foodle June 6 Answer Today, Foodle Hint and Answer Today

Today's Phoodle answer has 2 vowels and normally found in kitchen

Another Wordle-inspired game we recently discovered is Foodle, in which the goal is to guess the food-related word. The criteria are the same as in Wordle, in that players must guess a five-letter word (American English) to be classified as a guess. After you've made a guess, the tiles will turn a different colour, indicating whether the letters you predicted are in the word or not.

Because the word might be tricky to grasp at times, we've compiled a list of Foodle June 6 hints to assist you in solving the puzzle today. Here is some hint for today's Foodle June 6.

Foodle June 6 Hint

  • Foodle June 6 is not a food.
  • Normally found in kitchen.
  • O and E are 2 vowels.
  • Starts with letter S and ends with E.
  • No repeated letters.
  • Oven is similar to today's Foodle answer.

Foodle June 6 Answer is


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