Free Fire OB35 update date confirmed with Battle in Style event Peak Day

Free Fire Battle in style event full details with expected free rewards list in Peak Day

Free Fire OB35 date confirmed with the upcoming event Battle in Style. Garena Free Fire released in game poster for this Battle in Style event by mentioning the Peak Day as July 23. But before releasing the Battle in Style event you will get a OB update called OB35. The OB35 update is now scheduled to release on 20 July. Which means OB35 update date is 20 July, 2022.

Free Fire Battle in Style

In the day of maintenance (20 July) you will not able to play free fire for 8 hours because of maintenance break. This update will include the 5th anniversary bundles, skins etc. Free Fire Max players directly update their game from Google Play Store. But, if you are using Normel free fire version. Then don't worry, i will publish the Free Fire Apk in this website same like last time when i shared the Free Fire Rampage Apk for direct download without any problem.

Before declaring the OB35 maintenance date, first garena will release advance server for testing the new game version of Garena Free Fire. You will be able to play on Free Fire advance server if you have activation code to access FF advance server.

Free Fire Battle in Style Rewards (Expected Free and Paid included)

  • Tease Waggor Emote
  • Great Conductor Emote (Free)
  • UMP - Digital Dasher
  • AC80 - Digital Dash (Free)
  • Grande - Shoulder Pixel (Free)
  • Digital Play Banner (Free)
  • Digital Play Avatar (Free)
  • Digi Smiley Parachute (Free)
  • Pixel Run Skyboard
  • Digi Smiley Backpack (Free)
  • Pet skin - Digi Tig
  • Mischief Pixels loot box (Free)
  • Monster Truck Digi Smiley (Free)
  • Digital Mania Pin (Free)
  • Gloo Wall - Digi Smiley 
  • Digital Dasher Bundle

Note that some of this rewards are free and paid. This list is made by seeing previous rewards distribution. All free rewards will confirmed after the release of Battle in Style event calendar.

With the OB35 update, Garena will change the Free Fire logo to a new font style called GFF. You can see the new font style instead of old font logo in Garena Free Fire.

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