Google Doodle celebrates espresso machine inventor Angelo Moriondo's 171st Birthday

Google's site featured an animated Google Doodle on June 6, 2022, to commemorate Angelo Moriondo's 171st birthday.

On June 6, 2022, Google releases an animated Doodle honouring Angelo Moriondo, the inventor who is generally credited with patenting the first known espresso (coffee) machine in 1884.

Angelo Moriondo was born in Turin, Kingdom of Sardinia, on June 6, 1851, and grew up there. He attended the local school in Turin, Kingdom of Sardinia, for his education.

Angelo Moriondo comes from a family of business owners. His grandparents founded a liquor company, which was carried on by his father Giacomo, who eventually founded the well-known chocolate company "Moriondo and Gariglio" with his brother Agostino and cousin Gariglio.

Angelo Moriondo

Angelo Moriondo followed in his family's footsteps and purchased two businesses: the Grand-Hotel Ligure in Piazza Carlo Felice and the American Bar in Via Roma's Galleria Nazionale. Despite the popularity of espresso in Italy, many found the time spent waiting for the coffee to boil to be inconvenient. Moriondo reasoned that brewing many cups of espresso at once would allow him to serve more customers at a faster rate, providing him a competitive advantage.

Angelo Moriondo presented his innovation at the 1884 Turin General Expo, where it won a bronze medal. On May 16, 1884, a patent for "New steam apparatus for the economical and quick confection of coffee beverage, method 'A. Moriondo,'" was awarded for a duration of six years. The gadget was really operated by Martina, a technician who worked under the inventor's direct supervision.

It was gradually revised, culminating in a patent on November 20, 1884, Vol 34, No 381. After being registered in Paris on October 23, 1885, the innovation was confirmed by an international patent. Moriondo quickly continued to enhance his concept dramatically, patenting each modification.

Angelo Moriondo never brought his innovation to a large-scale manufacturing facility. He limited himself to the creation of a few hand-crafted devices that he desirably moderated at his venues, convinced that this was a substantial advertisement for them.

Angelo Moriondo died in the town of Marentino in the province of Turin, Italy. And when he died, he was around 62 years old. Google's site featured an animated Google Doodle on June 6, 2022, to commemorate Angelo Moriondo's 171st birthday.

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