Google now Starts roll out new Android 13 Beta 3 for Pixel, What's New?

By enrolling your device here, you can receive Android 13 Beta 3 on your Pixel smartphone

The third public beta of Android 13 has been published by Google. Platform Stability has been achieved, which is an important milestone for developers because all app-facing behaviours are now final. Android 13 Beta 3 is now available for a limited number of Pixel phones.

With Beta 3, Android 13 has achieved Platform Stability, suggesting that all app-facing behaviours and APIs have been finalised. Before the final release, developers can begin final compatibility testing. The second Android 13 beta will arrive in July, ahead of the final version in the fall, which will be available to all Pixel smartphones.

Android 13 Beta 3

To summarise, the first developer preview of Android 13 was published in February of this year. The first public beta was held in April, and the second public beta was held in May. Android 13 prioritises privacy and adds support for split-screen mode on big displays. It also adds Bluetooth LE audio, HDR video, and DNS Over HTTPS support (DoH).

By enrolling your device here, you can receive Android 13 Beta 3 on your Pixel smartphone. You will receive the update over-the-air after registering (OTA). If your Pixel phone is already enrolled, the update notice will be sent to you automatically. Check what's new in this update

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