How to add FAQ Schema in Blogger [2022-23]

How to add FAQ Schema in Blogger, steps by step installation guide inside

It is quite simple to add FAQs to a WordPress website, however there is no plugin support in Blogger. So, read this comprehensive guide to learn how to effortlessly add FAQ schema to your blogger website.

So, what are the advantages of utilizing the FAQ schema in Blogger? Using the FAQ schema allows the web crawler to better comprehend the topic and display rich results on the Search result page. It gives your website more visibility by taking up more space and increasing user engagement with your blog article.

FAQ Schema Generator for blogger

When someone uses the voice search feature to ask a question, the FAQ schema allows Google Assistant to fetch the response from your website. As a result, the assistant can get such information from your website.

How to add FAQ Schema in Blogger?

There are a lots of ways to add FAQ schema, but fastest way is - FAQ Schema Generator. This types of tool helps you to add schema without any technical knowledge. Just like drag and drop features.

To generate this FAQ i want to suggest 2 popular tools.

  1. FAQ Generator Tool 1.
  2. FAQ Generator Tool 2.
By using 1 tool above you can easily generate your schema data. Just note 1 favourite tool that you want to use for generating FAQ Schema markup.

How to add FAQ Schema in Blogger
FAQ Schema blogger dashboard

If you are using first tool, then you need to select FAQ page first. Then add your questions and answers. After adding all Q&A, you need to go on blogger post. Select HTML view on the top right corner of blogger edit post dashboard. Just add the JSON ld script at the end of your article content.

Update FAQ Schema on Google

Now that you've uploaded the schema data to your blogger website, you're ready to go. It's time to request that Google adjust its indexing in order to provide the rich result.

Click on the URL inspection tool in Google Search Console. Now put the URL of the blog post into the box and click the Request Indexing button.

It will now ping Google to update the indexing, and if your website ranks high in the SERPS, the likelihood of seeing FAQs increases.

Also note there are 2 types of Schema available. Micro data and JSON LD. Google suggest to use JSON+ld formet for better SEO optimization.

Adding FAQ Schema is not guaranteed to appear on search results, it will shown if user query is similar or relate with the article.

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