How to create Google Drive direct download link for large files, Google Drive can't scan this file error solved

Google drive direct download with without showing large files virus error

Google Drive direct download Link Generator for Large Files 

Enter a valid Google Drive link
Your download link will show here

Note: If not working then add  /view?usp=sharing   after the end of your link like

If you want to make direct download link for Small files like txt, zip, png, jpg then check this article.

Google drive direct download link for large files

No one can deny that Google Drive is a popular file sharing service by Google. Which means you can trust them easily for save your files online with trust because of Google. Many developers and website owner, even normal users use this service for sharing files online.

Also if you want to share a direct download link for Google drive files then there are many tools available online to generate one click download link for Google drive files. But wait! There are some limit with these types of file extension like APK, MKV files and even when you will try to share large files with direct download link, then there are an error occurred called "This file is too large to scan for virus".

Because of this error, some new users think that you are trying to share a virus in their phone. So, that's the reason why I am writing this article to solve this problem forever.

Here are 2 types of direct download links avilable. Check by by clicking one by one and you can see the difference between those links.

Old method

Nothing launcher Beta.apk Android App 5.88 MB .apk

New Method

Nothing launcher Beta.apk Android App 5.88 MB .apk

Now if you click on the first link, then it will redirect you to Google drive virus warning page instead of direct download, because this link is generated by a online tool. So now I request you to click 2nd download button to check the direct download with same APK file. Don't worry this is a apk file of Nothing Launcher, also available on play store (soon available for India).

After clicking on those buttons you can find that first link is not working directly download for large or apk files, but second link is perfectly working. This is because i am using special link in second button. You can also generate the one click download link or direct download link for Google drive.

Steps to create Google Drive direct download link for large files

  1. Go to Google drive and upload your file, you want to share.
  2. After uploaded, hover on the file and select Get Link or Share.
  3. By default it set to Restrict, you need to select Anyone with the link.
  4. Click on Copy Link button.

Done! You have successfully set the file for access anyone with the link. But still direct download will not work with this link. You need to use my special link for direct download. First open notepad/ Keep notes app by Google and paste your Google drive link and copy the Unique ID for that file.

Example of Unique ID: 1NjG9cfeudOTPYLfiSO4N9qQLtkA3U6UR

Google drive direct download link for large files
You need to copy Red line code (Unique ID)

You can find the id from the Link of the Google drive that you have copied. After copied the Unique ID of that link, Just copy the link below and paste the Unique ID by replacing Your_code_here section.

After generated the final link your link looks like code below:

Now you can test this Link by opening with any type of Browser. If you find this helpful and share your thoughts in comment below.

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