How to infect every characters in The Quarry

To get infected, you must be bitten by a werewolf. Each of the nine counselors can be bitten in certain situations involving important judgments

You'll notice a "Blood Pact" achievement/trophy on The Quarry's achievement/trophy list. Infecting each counselor is required for this, which may be considered a spoiler in and of itself. We'll give you a heads up that this guide covers information on the majority of the game's chapters before we get into how to unlock it.

How to infect every character in the quarry

To get infected, you must be bitten by a werewolf. Each of the nine counselors can be bitten in certain situations involving important judgments and short-term occurrences. It's worth mentioning that you can infect everyone and yet manage to save them all. This is due to the nature of the werewolf curse: killing Silas at the end of the game heals everyone instantly. The Hackett family is included in the challenge even if they don't count toward it. Even so, an all-infection run could be best suited for a later game.

Max and Laura

Laura and Max will be counted, but you won't have to do anything because they'll get infected automatically as part of the story. Check those items off your to-do list.


Emma can be infected in 2 methods, one of which is disclosed in Chapter 4. This happens when you encounter the island's werewolf and doesn't require any prior preparation. Instead of going straight for the trap door when you return to the tree house, choose to barricade it. She'll be bitten if she fails the following two quick-time activities. A prior choice is required for the alternate method. When you locate the fireworks in Chapter 2, choose to keep them inside the safe. Alternatively, don't pick them up near the fire pit in Chapter 6. A werewolf will pounce on you if you choose to run back to the lodge. If you don't use fireworks to frighten it away, you'll get bitten.


Getting infected Dylan requires a prior choice as well. When you initially control Abi in Chapter 1, you'll have the chance to assist Emma in breaking into the cabin; take advantage of it. When a werewolf attacks later in Chapter 5, Dylan and Ryan will be inside the radio cabin. As a result of this, Dylan will get bitten in the hand, but only if you broke into the cabin before. Dylan's hand should not be amputated after the bite since everyone must be infected at the same time. Don't worry, even with the bite, you'll be able to save him.


As the first character, you may actively infect Abi. Deliberately fail the quick-time events in Chapter 3 while fleeing the werewolf. As a result of this, she will get bitten.


Ryan's illness was caused by a single binary choice. Halfway through Chapter 9, he'll be bleeding profusely when a knife is removed from his side (this happens one way or another, regardless of your choices). Laura will offer to intentionally bite and infect him in order to cure the wound. Accept the offer and fight the impulse to withdraw.


Kaitlyn is the last counselor who may be infected, and she is the one who follows the most meticulous procedures. When Sarah and Dylan are in the scrapyard in Chapter 9, it all comes to a head. From his position in the crane, Dylan will observe the werewolf coming. After then, finish the QTE by deciding whether or not to warn Kaitlyn. Then, smash the car if you wish to fail the following QTE. As a result, she will get bitten in the leg.

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