How To Unlock Chapter Select in The Quarry

The tutorials below will walk you through how to use Chapter Select in The Quarry

There is a "Chapter Select" function in The Quarry that allows you to jump directly into any chapter without needing to read the others beforehand. The tutorials below will walk you through how to use Chapter Select in The Quarry. Unlike the previous Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures Anthology games, The Quarry offers a larger network of branching and connected tales among several characters.

You must gather multiple treasures such as evidence, clues, and tarot cards to unlock the game's several endings. Not to mention that every character in The Quarry can be murdered or saved depending on your choices. As a result, having access to the Chapter Select option helps you to go back and make more informed decisions.

Steps To Unlock Chapter Select In The Quarry

The Chapter Select option will, of course, not be accessible immediately away. You must first complete the game in order to access Chapter Select. After you've finished the game, you'll be able to pick between 10 different chapters. This will come in handy if you want to save everyone in order to achieve the greatest result. There are, however, a few restrictions to using Chapter Select.

The Chapter Select menu's flexibility comes with a limit. The Chapter Select option will be limited to that chapter and inaccessible for all other chapters once you've chosen one. That implies that in order to unlock Chapter Select in the chapter from which you repeat the game, you must first beat the remaining chapters. If you start the game at Chapter 5, for example, you must finish it all the way to the conclusion. Then you'll be able to use Chapter Select once again. After you finish Chapter 5, you won't be able to move on to Chapter 2 or Chapter 3.

Inside a related spirit, Chapter Select forces you to play the game in chronological sequence. Two or three chapters must be read in order. This also means that any decisions or choices you make in a Chapter Select chapter will not be reset and will remain in effect until the game is completed. If you start the game at Chapter 5 and make a certain option, you won't be able to utilize Chapter Select to jump right to Chapter 10 to see how your Chapter 5 selection influenced the conclusion.

All collectibles from previous playthroughs will be reset to the beginning of that chapter when you use Chapter Select to restart the game from a certain chapter. As a result, you won't be able to go back and only check for the items you missed the first time around. You'll have to go back through the entire chapter to find them all if you go back. All goods obtained between Chapter 5 and Chapter 10 in your previous game will be reset if you jump into Chapter 5 from Chapter 5 to Chapter 10.

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