How to use Panel in Free Fire Mobile and PC? What is Panel in Free Fire?

What is Panel in Free Fire and How to use Panel in Free Fire with full explanation inside

In every year a new trends available in Garena Free Fire regarding new tricks to improve gameplays and onetap headshots. Panel is a new trend in Free Fire, where players can improve their gameplay without get banned. Free Fire Panel basically made for PC devices, but now a days some third party developers released Mobile version of Panel.

Is Panel Safe or Not in Free Fire?

How to use Panel in Free Fire

If you know about free fire regedit, then i want say that Panel is a upgraded version of Free Fire regedit. There are many types of premium services available for this types of cheats. If you are using a Free version of this panel, then you will get banned any time. Because there are no any guarantee to not get banned of unknown Panel version.

Premium version of this types of software is connected with some access key, id and password or validity date. You need to pay the seller every month to continue playing with the panel. For Google policy reason i can't give you any types of download link of this types of file. You can follow steps below to get installed the latest panel version for free fire. So we can expect that premium version of Panel is safe to use.

For those players who wants to improve their gameplay using this types of extra tool, they can obviously use this to make YouTube videos and record pro gameplay or even defet your opponent in custom rooms. But I want to notify you that this types of extra advantage is not allowed in tournament in Garena Free Fire. You can use just only for fun and show your pro gameplay.

Can Garena detect Panel in Free Fire?

No, in current time, Garena can't detect the Panel if you are using on PC. Because this Panel will run as Microsoft Edge and of course Garena not set the Edge as a cheat or hack. Which means Panel is safe to use in PC devices. If i talk about for mobile devices, there are no any chance to not get detected. Because there no any launcher to launch the game for using this Panel.

Also panel original version is available for PC devices not for mobile. But some developers released the mobile version of the panel. So, there are higher chance to get banned if you are using Free Fire Panel on mobile devices instead of PC. My recommendation to try to avoid using this in your original free fire id.

Features of Panel in Free Fire

  • No recoil.
  • Improvement of sensitivity (known as DPI)
  • Higher headshot rate.
  • Auto aim.
  • Smooth drag.
  • Can hide in main screen for looks like real gameplay.
  • and More.

How to use Panel in Free Fire Mobile and PC?

If want to get premium version then you need to contact with the original seller directly, who probably belong from Brazil region. Maximum of the free fire hacks release from that region according to youtubers analysis.

If you want to use Panel in your mobile device, then there are different types of Panel available for mobile. This types of Panel available as Apk, zip and other extension. You will get the Panel menu same like mod menu after launch in your mobile.

Note that there are no any protection layers for mobile devices to hide panel from Garena anti-cheat system. Which means higher chance to get banned.

Let's talk about the free version also known as modified version of Panel. You can download the mod version of Panel from youtubers video description with full installation guide.

As i already mentioned that this website is following google guidelines for our visitors, so i can't give the direct link. I just tried introduce with Panel and how it's work with quick review. Also i am not using this types of software to improve gameplays, because i always support real gameplays instead of always red numbers gameplays.

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