Kyra - India's First Virtual Influencer recently achieve 100K followers on Instagram

Over 1.3 million people have seen a video of her changing into different outfits.

A virtual influencer is a fictitious figure created by a computer that may be used for a number of objectives. They are regularly utilized in place of human "influencers" in social media marketing.

Computer graphics and motion capture technologies are used to create virtual influencers that seem like real individuals in realistic scenarios.

India recently joined the metaverse and virtual existence bandwagon with Kyra, as netizens throughout the world have embraced the notion of the metaverse and virtual existence.

Kyra was created by TopSocial India, an influencer marketing company. Himanshu Goel, a 26-year-old engineer and TopSocial India's business chief, is said to have developed her, according to sources.

According to Goel, his company's goal is to eventually make Kyra self-sufficient and independent of any agency. She isn't being utilized for any marketing objectives, and she isn't affiliated with TopSocial India in any way.

Kyra is beautifully clothed in many gorgeous locales in the profile 'kyraonig.' Over 1.3 million people have seen a video of her changing into different outfits.

The profile's first photo was uploaded on January 28. The most recent one occurred only five days ago. The snapshot with the most likes shows Kyra posting on a beach in the sun.

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