Lookdle June 7 Answer Today, Lookdle Hint and Answer Today

Lookdle June 7 celebrity found in Rush Hour movie.

Lookdle is a pixelated image guessing game inspired by the famous Wordle game. The principle is identical to other alternatives, however in this game, you must find out who the pixelated celebrity is! If you're wondering what the answer is for Lookdle June 7, we've got you covered with this guide!

The goal is to guess who the famous person is in five tries, but the image is pixelated! Following an incorrect guess, the picture grows sharper, making it simpler in theory. Every day, a new celebrity is chosen from a pool of thousands from prominent television shows, films, and the music industry. Here are some hint for today's Lookdle June 7.

Lookdle June 7 Hint

  • Lookdle June 7 is a American comedian
  • Born in 1971.
  • Popular movie is Rush Hour.
  • There are 2 words with 1 repeated letter R.
  • E, I, U are 3 vowels include.
  • Starts with letter C and ends with R

Lookdle June 7 Answer is

Chris Tucker

Lookdle June answer

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