Nothing phone (1) end to end Features and Specifications, Most anticipated Smartphone ever in 2022

The Nothing phone (1) will come pre-installed with NothingOS, which is based on Android 12

The Nothing phone (1) is currently one of the most anticipated smartphones. The London-based business just showed the whole design of its future phone, which is expected to ship next month.

While the exact list of specifications for the Nothing phone (1) still unknown, the design unveiling has provided answers to many of the phone's queries. Before its arrival next month, here are ten facts we know about the Nothing phone (1).

Nothing Phone 1 end to end Features

Pro Design and user experience

The rear of the Nothing phone (1) has a translucent design, with pieces from the phone's internals making up a substantial portion of the visual aspects. While the phone (1) isn't quite like the Nothing ear (1), which allowed us to view more of the device's internal components via the design, it does have what appear to be metal plates covering the exposed components, giving the rear a cleaner look-and-feel while still allowing us to peek inside.

Carl Pei displayed a collection of weird symbols on the back of the Nothing phone in March 2022, a set of lines and curves that we now know comprise a set of lighting components (1). These illuminated lines, which can be seen surrounding the camera island, the wireless charging area, and on the top-right, might be used to notify users of alerts, but we'll have to wait and see whether the use-cases extend beyond that.

Good metallic sides, UI buttons

The sleek metallic sides of the Nothing phone (1) are flat at the edges, reminiscent to the current iPhone 13 series. While some Twitter users appear to prefer flat sides, others have noted the similarities to Apple's iPhones.

3.5mm jack not available in Nothing Phone 1

The layout of the Nothing phone (1) also has revealed more about the phone's hardware limitations. The absence of a 3.5mm headphone connector is one such example. Nothing appears to be considering native support for wired earbuds and headphones in favor of providing a better environment for wireless audio items from other vendors. Given that the company's initial product was a set of TWS earphones, this makes sense.

The design also indicates that the Nothing phone (1) has a twin camera arrangement on the back, which, despite its appearance, is really excellent news. Many anticipate the Nothing phone (1) to be a mid-range phone rather than a flagship device, which means it is unlikely to include more than two strong camera sensors on the back.

Dual Rear camera setup

In this case, it's wonderful to see what we assume to be a primary sensor and an ultrawide sensor alone, rather than squeezing in a 2MP macro sensor to term the entire device a "triple-camera-configuration," as several manufacturers have recently tried. Instead, the dual-camera system appears crisper and gives the rest of the rear panel's design more room to shine.

Nothing 1 Wireless charging

nothing Phone 1 features
Nothing Phone 1 Rear view

The middle circular portion near the bottom half of the device on the rear panel of the Nothing phone (1) is one of the more visible sections of the gadget. This is the wireless charging coil, which certifies that the phone (1) will be able to charge wirelessly. This is encouraging, considering wireless charging is normally reserved for high-end smartphones.

Nothing Phone 1 Performance

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 700-series processor is likely to power the Nothing phone (1), albeit this has not been verified. We know the phone will be powered by a Qualcomm CPU.

The fact that it will be an upper midrange handset rather than a flagship means the processor will be a Snapdragon 700-series chip, most likely the latest Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 SoC. In the weeks running up to the phone's July 12 debut, further information about the CPU may be published.


The Nothing phone (1) will come pre-installed with NothingOS, which is based on Android 12. Carl Pei showed the same thing earlier in March when he gave an early peek at the phone's software.

Nothing Launcher

The Nothing launcher, which is now accessible on the Play Store for interested users, gave Android users a sneak peek at the NothingOS skin, which will focus on giving a distinct look and productivity. When the phone launches next month, it will be fascinating to see what additional new features NothingOS brings with it.

Nothing launcher Beta.apk Android App 5.88 MB .apk

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