PJ Explained Age, Real Name, YouTube Monthly Income and his biography everything you need to know

PJ Explained youtube monthly income, Real Name, age and biography information. Here is all about your favorite MCU youtube creator Priyanshu Jaiswal

PJ Explained is an well known youtuber among movie lovers. Today i am sharing with you some highlighted info regarding PJ Explained youtube channel and his YouTube journey.

Priyanshu Jaiswal also known as PJ Explained starts his youtube journey December, 2016. He uploaded his first video on Thor Ragnarok Trailer in 26 April, 2017 (on PJ Explained channel), meanwhile 5 years ago from now by using a low budget camera. PJ Explained is not the first youtube channel of priyanshu jaiswal. Firstly he make a youtube channel called PJ Mag, but now changed to Priyanshu Jaiswal.

PJ Explained youtube monthly income

PJ Explained always explore movies, likely MCU fans are relate with Priyanshu. He likes to create new types of contents related movies. Also he will not bore you because of his infinite content types. Like other youtuber PJ don't want to make videos in same topics and just want to explore this Movies world with different styles everyday.

PJ Explained is not only active on YouTube, you can also find him on Instagram with reels. He posts reels everyday with Shorts videos on YouTube.

PJ Explained channel Name History

How PJ Explained got his name?

As i already mentioned that PJ Explained real name is Priyanshu Jaiswal. So he likes to explore movies and explain them to his audiences using YouTube platform. He creates his youtube channel name by short forming his original name Priyanshu Jaiswal to PJ. also he wants to explore and explain movies in front of his audiences so his full youtube name called PJ Explained.

I know you are excited to know all about PJ Explained, here is a list of your top queries regarding Priyanshu Jaiswal aka PJ Explained.

Channel Name PJ Explained
Real Name Priyanshu Jaiswal
Home Town Mumbai (India)
Birth Place Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh (India)
Age22 Years
Monthly Income9 Lakh estimated
PJ Explained GF Not revealed
Monthly Views 49 Million estimated
PJ Explained Instagram @pjexplained

PJ Explained social blade analytics

Here is a analytics report of PJ Explained youtube channel via Social Blade. (20 June, 2022)

PJ Explained social blade analytics
Image via Social Blade dashboard

As you know to be a successful youtube creator, you need to work hard continuously, because no one can be a popular youtuber in a day. There are so many hard and smart works included to be succeed in YouTube. Here is the first video of PJ Explained youtube channel.

Priyanshu Jaiswal First YouTube video

But after seeing this you can easily compare his staring of YouTube journey and the after success on YouTube. At present time PJ Explained most popular video is about Capital Amarica Civil war. This is a short video on YouTube.

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