Plus UI v2.6 Premium Blogger Template, A NextGen Theme for Extraordinary Features

Plus UI Premium blogger template, How to get this plus ui blogger theme

Plus UI is a fast-loading, SEO-friendly, responsive, and SEO-friendly template. This template may be used to make blogs on technology, blogging, software, and gaming, among other things. Plus UI blogger template is primarily intended for modern blogs and websites.

Plus UI is a blogger template that is suitable for all types of websites. You can use this template just once. Read this post all the way to the end since I have detailed explanations of all the features of this template.

Plus UI Premium Blogger Template

Why Choose Plus UI blogger theme?

Plus, Ui comes with a variety of add-on features that set it apart from other templates. Let's take a look at all highlighted features:

  1. Bookmark Posts: Using this Add-on, visitors will be able to save / bookmark posts to read later.
  2. System Default Mode: If users pick System Default, the mode, i.e. Light / Dark, will alter automatically according to the Device Color Scheme.
  3. Allow your readers to pick their favorite color for your blog's theme. You are free to use whatever hue you wish.
  4. Lazy Load Google AdSense, Analytics even custom javascript can be lazy loaded
  5. Theme Lisence: To protect your website widgets, Plus UI comes with Licence feature and unreadable javascript library.
  6. Core web vitals: Yes, Plus UI Optimized for Google Core web vitals. Because of this is now a Ranking Factor.
  7. Looking for a music player to use on your Blogger blog? Plus, UI v2.6 has a Music Player that allows you to play your music files, such as MP3.
  8. To enhance your ad revenue, use an anti-adblocker.
  9. Cookie Consent: Obtaining user consent for cookies...
  10. Block people from specified countries from viewing your site.
  11. No Internet Connection: When a user's internet connection is lost, notify them.
  12. Force Javascript:- Helps you to serve ads and content seamlessly.
  13. Multilingual assistance is provided via Google Translate.
  14. Increase the number of views on your posts to earn extra money with Safelink feature.
  15. Countdown Download Box:-If you have any files available for download on your website, this Download Box will come in handy.
  16. Realtime Views: They have a counter on their postings that shows how many people have seen their posts in real time.
  17. If you enable Maintenance Mode, visitors will be unable to access your site until the period you specify, allowing you to make modifications to your blog.
  18. Quick Edit: When an administrator views the blog, an Edit button appears, which directs them to Blogger Page / Post Edit. They can also back up the contents of the blog, among other things. Admins will see buttons beside the comments that they may click to remove any undesirable remarks.

Plus UI v 2.6 Blog Theme is one of the templates that load quickly. Because search engines like Google prioritize mobile indexing, the Plus UI V2.6 blogger template performs effectively on all platforms. That is why responsiveness is important for every website. Plus UI V2.6 blogger template includes all of these features.

Blogger's layout area may be used to customize the Plus UI V2.6 blogger template. Blogger theme modification allows you to modify the colors in this Plus UI V2.6 template. Furthermore, the totem and menu specifics of this design may be easily altered. Plus UI V2.6 Blogger Template comes with a lot of customization options that can be utilized without having to mess with HTML code.

At the end if you are searching for a blogger template with SEO Optimized and next level features, then I definitely recommend you. Also note that page speed insights take 1 month to update Core Web vitals matrix. You will see the improvement of page loading speed instantly after applying this Theme. But core web vitals will take upto 1 months to update your results.

Plus UI blogger template Free Download?

Yes, you can download plus ui blogger theme without any features from third party sites, which means all features like bookmark, dark mode will not work if you got this template for free. Because of this template comes with Premium licence key that only given by original seller. No one can generate this Lisence key, because from my knowledge maybe this is connected with a live server with your domain name and Lisence key.

If you are interested to check Plus UI then you can contact the developer directly from official Plus UI website.

Note that this is not a sponsored article, we write a review and shared thoughts about this digital product

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