The Quarry - How to save Dylan in The Quarry

Steps to save Dylan in The Quarry - What happens next is determined by whether or not you broke into the cabin with Abi and Emma earlier

We've got you covered if you're seeking for tips on how to save Dylan in The Quarry. In The Quarry, the player is entrusted with guiding a group of teenage camp counselors through the most difficult night of their life. Dylan is the group's tech wizard, and his skills come in helpful on a regular basis. Here's what you need to do to save Dylan in The Quarry.

Tips to save Dylan in the quarry

Before we get into the details, there are a few things you should know. This guide will, first and foremost, include spoilers. This book will explain you what you need to do and what decisions you need to make to keep Dylan alive, but the final decision is yours to make.

Many of them are very straightforward, although specifics might vary based on your actions. While failing QTEs or other skill tests can have a significant impact on the outcome, the majority of these options should remain unchanged. Because Dylan utilizes some of his technological expertise, you'll have to pass skill checks to succeed. Because there are so many factors at play in The Quarry, these are the specific moments you must nail in order to aid Dylan in his survival.

In the game, Dylan initially confronts peril in the radio cabin. At this time, he and Ryan had gone to try to radio for help. This might go in a few different directions. While you're inside, a werewolf will approach the cottage and leap onto the roof. Kaitlyn, Nick, and Abi will approach while this is going on, unknowing that they are in danger. If Dylan and Ryan use the PA to advise them to hide in a cabin, the werewolf will be notified.

Whether or whether you broke into the cabin with Abi and Emma earlier determine what happens next. Overall, breaking inside the cabin appears to be the greatest option, but Dylan may disagree. If you didn't break into the cabin, the others will take longer to enter, allowing the werewolf more time to pursue them. They will be alright if they can get in before the werewolf arrives. They can easily hide if you break into the cabin, while the werewolf remains concentrated on the radio hut.

What happens next is determined by whether or not you broke into the cabin with Abi and Emma earlier. Overall, it looks that breaking inside the cabin is the best option, although Dylan may disagree. The others will take longer to enter the cabin if you didn't break in, giving the werewolf extra opportunity to chase them. If they can get in before the werewolf arrives, they'll be OK. If you break into the cabin, they may simply hide, while the werewolf stays focused on the radio shack.

In any scenario, Dylan will need to drop the cable from the ceiling to fix the radio. The werewolf will attack Dylan as he attempts to bring the wire down if the werewolf is still fixated on the radio hut after you broke inside the cabin earlier. Dylan will be bitten by a werewolf on the hand, forcing him to make a difficult choice. In order to save Dylan in the end, Ryan will have to blast his hand off with the shotgun. Dylan will make it through, even if the scenario isn't ideal. If you pick a different cabin choice for Dylan, he lives and does not lose his hand.

Years later, at the scrap yard with Kaitlyn, Dylan's life is jeopardized once more. They go looking for a functional automobile, but instead find one tethered to a crane. Dylan, ever the technological whiz, is in charge of the crane that lowers the car. Motion sensor lights are sprinkled around the scrapyard, and Dylan observes them coming on while he runs the crane. Something is about to happen, and he has to take action as soon as possible.

That's the stage of the game where you must think swiftly and reply rapidly. Raise the vehicle when Kaitlyn gets in. This will protect her from the coming werewolf. On the other hand, the werewolf will board the vehicle. Fast rotate the crane to knock the werewolf off, but Kaitlyn will fall out in the process. She lands on some tires, but the werewolf is close behind. With the correct time, Dylan may drop the automobile on the werewolf and pin it to the ground.

If you succeed, Dylan and Kaitlyn will return to the lodge. You'll have one final confrontation with the werewolf as The Quarry Kaitlyn, and Dylan should make it through the night unhurt. Mostly.

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