The Quarry - How to save Emma in The Quarry

How to save Emma in the quarry, tips to save Emma in the quarry

We've got you covered if you're wondering how to save Emma in The Quarry. The Quarry entrusts the lives of nine camp counselors to the player and threatens them at practically every step. Keep an eye on Emma, since she is one of the first characters in the game to encounter grave peril. Everything you need to know about Emma's rescue in The Quarry may be found here.

Steps to Save Emma in The Quarry

But first, this post includes spoilers, so only read it if you are prepared to be spoiled. Ideally, you should complete the game before proceeding with this tutorial, but that is totally up to you. Also, keep in mind that there are a number of factors at play.

Even when we know which actions to make to minimize risk, things might still go wrong. In the game, Emma will see a lot of action, so be ready for some fast-paced events. If you take the necessary pathways and complete the QTEs, you should be able to keep Emma safe.

The first time Emma comes into contact with danger, she is alone and undressed. Shortly after swimming with Jacob, she swims to the island and records a video for her channel. As she travels throughout the island, you have a decision.

To get to the treehouse, you can either take the high road or the low way. You'll be able to pick up some hints along the road if you take the back path. You'll go to the treehouse anyhow, and this is one of the most important decisions you'll make throughout the game. Simply simply, you must choose between searching the bags and opening the trapdoor. Look through the bags instead. Inside, she'll discover clothing as well as self-defense gear like a taser and pepper spray.

Emma will open the trapdoor after you check the bags, and the werewolf will attack her, but she has a fighting chance now that she is dressed and equipped. Take a quick photo with the taser and then run out of dodge. Emma will attempt to flee across the walkways, so you'll have to pass all of the QTE tests along the way. As the werewolf closes in on her, use the pepper spray to fight it off. Get to the zipline and use it to get away from the werewolf, then use the second zipline to exit the island.

In this instance, you'll need the firecrackers. Do you remember the safe at the general store? There were also firecrackers among the shotgun ammo. You may choose to bring the firecrackers or not, and you may fairly conclude that carrying pyrotechnics into the forest is a poor idea. Rather, ignore Smokey Bear and any other safety concerns and keep using the pyrotechnics.

After leaving the island, Emma will travel to the lodge. On the way, Jedediah and his son Bobby will approach her. The hunters will attempt to apprehend her, but she will repel them with a fast kick and a firecracker to the face. Emma will be successful in fleeing and returning to the lodge.

Just as you did with Abigail, you'll need the proper environment. Because Abigail should still be alive, Dylan should not have gone down into the basement when checking Chris Hackett's office. Abi and Emma will be hiding in the storm cellar beneath the lodge at the conclusion of the game if you've done everything right. Only a werewolf attack on the lodge should be a source of concern. The focus of the werewolf will be drawn to Kaitlyn and Dylan, but the other females must also stay safe.

While they're in the basement, Emma and Abi will climb up the ladder to the office, which will only work if Dylan didn't damage it. They'll go to Chris' security room and use the cameras to keep an eye on Kaitlyn and Dylan. They are kept in the office to keep them safe, but they may interfere in the werewolf crisis if required. Kaitlyn can use the teddy animal you got as Abigail to tempt the werewolf into the freezer. This way, Emma and Abigail will be safe at work.

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