URL Shortener and Open in App or Dynamic Link Generator Online Free

URL Shortener and Dynamic Link Generator Online Free Tool to increase connect with your audience

Shortlink and Dynamic Link Generator

What is Short link or URL?

Short link is a technique to share any large link of a website also known as URL Shortener. This short link looks like a real and authentic link, because this will redirect you to your destination page with SSL certified website name.

What is Open in App Link or Dynamic Link?

URL Shortener online Free

For example you are a youtuber or social media influencer, who makes youtube video and share External links like Your Social page instagram, twitter and for other apps in your video description. When your viewers click on that normal instagram link, the link will open in his browser. Just imagine the viewers already installed the instagram app, but he was not logged in to instagram with that Browser.

In the other way, if you are using a Dynamic Link to share your social profiles URL, in that moment the link with directly open in Instagram app instead of open in a browser. If you are unable to understand then check this two URL of our website link with demo video.

You can also test this two links below Normal Link vs Dynamic Link. But before opening this two links you need to Install our App on Play Store. If you click this dynamic link without downloading Game News Mania app, then the algorithm think that you don't have installed the app, so you will be redirected to a browser.

Normal Link looks like this


Dynamic Link looks like this


If you already selected the Don't show again option by selecting chrome or other browser, then this link will not work, because you already force your App Deep Link feature to always open link in browser for that app. To resolve this issue you need to clear data from that perticular app and login again to test that link.

If you want to use this link in your website, then don't use "target=_blank" in link tag. In some browsers, Dynamic Link/Deep linking with target blank opction will not working. Which means link will open in Browser instead of app if also installed.

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