Viral Video of a man Cooking Dosa on the Seat of Scooter because of High Temperature

The video, which has almost 40,000 views, shows a guy spreading dosa batter

As India's temperatures rise, many individuals are coming up with novel and creative methods to beat the heat. A video posted by entrepreneur Harsh Goenka goes this a step further by showing a man cooking a dosa (a classic South Indian meal) on the seat of his scooter utilising the heat.

The video, which has almost 40,000 views, shows a guy spreading dosa batter, also known as maavu in Tamil, in a circular pattern on a scooter throughout the day. "Vespa Dosa Done by Professionals in 40 degrees temperature outside in July," reads the video's description. The man then slips the now semi-cooked batter to reveal the other side has gone somewhat brown, as shown in the video.

The video was tweeted by Harsh Goenka, the chairman of RPG Enterprises, with the statement, "Look at our inventive energy!" Here's someone taking advantage of the heat outside by preparing dosa!"

There are multiple comments on the article, with one person writing "Use of renewable energy" and another adding "Wow!" Saving money on gas and lowering your carbon footprint. Assisting the government in controlling inflation and lowering costs."

Similarly, Delhi's prolonged heat wave strengthened its grip on the city on Sunday, with temperatures topping 45 degrees Celsius in six locations.

From June 10, according to Mahesh Palawat, vice-president (climate change and meteorology), Skymet Weather, pre-monsoon activity may occur on and off across Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, north Rajasthan, and west Uttar Pradesh. By Saturday, the highest temperature in the city might dip to 40-41 degrees Celsius.

"By June 15, the monsoon will have reached eastern India, intensifying pre-monsoon activities in northwest India," he added.

When the highest temperature is over 40 degrees Celsius and at least 4.5 degrees above average for two days in a row, a heatwave is proclaimed. According to the India Meteorological Department, a severe heatwave is declared when the temperature deviates from normal by more than 6.4 degrees Celsius (IMD).

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