Viral Video of Tornado during crossing a bridge from Meghalaya, Anand Mahindra react

A video gone Viral from Meghalaya during heavy rainfall by crossing a river bridge, also Anand Mahindra react in his post

In the world of internet many videos are uploaded everyday. But some videos gone viral and liked by millions of users in the internet. In recent week a new video gone Viral of a Tornado comes during heavy rains.

Viral video of Tornado during crossing a bridge

In this viral video you can spot 2 cars by crossing a bridge. According to twitter user @US_Stormwatch, this video was recorded in Mawsynram, Meghalaya India. He also mentioned that this is the wettest place in the world. Since video gone viral, this video got 1.5 million views, 37K likes and 1K retweets on twitter. By seeing this video of the powerful nature, also anand mahindra was react.

You can clearly listen the voice of a man talking with driver to not go under the heavy waterfall and wait sometime. Fear is clearly visible in his voice.

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