Weddle June 4 Answer Today, Weddle Hint and Answer Today

Weddle June 4 players number are 10 and 49

Weddle is a word game for NFL fans that is similar to Wordle. Each Weddle is chosen at random from a list of National Football League (NFL) players from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. The Weddle is a free online word game in which players get eight attempts to determine the proper NFL player name.

This game is created by the "WEDDLE TEAM," who publishes new Weddle NFL Players puzzles every day, and we can get the answers to all of today's NFL riddles here for free. If you are finding hint and Answer for today's June 4 Weddle, then you are on right place.

See how simple the word was, and then keep practising your brain by guessing National Football League players. Before I reveal the correct answer, I recommend that you attempt the following clues for today's Weddle June 4.

Weddle June 4 Hint

  • Normel Weddle player number is 10.
  • Starts with letter C and ends with letter P.
  • E, O, U are 3 vowels.
  • O repeat 2 times and P repeat 3 times.
  • Born in 1993.

  • Hard Weddle player number is 49.
  • Starts with letter D and ends with letter L.
  • A, E, I, U are 4 vowels include
  • L letter repeat 2 times.
  • Born in 1995.

Weddle June 4 Answer is

NORMAL - Cooper Kupp

Weddle June answer

HARD - Drue Tranquill

Weddle June answer

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