WhatsApp soon release the support for Do not disturb for Missed calls

WhatsApp will support the new API for missed calls, and a new update will be posted

WhatsApp is planning on releasing a new API that would notify users of missed calls. On iOS, this capability will be made accessible to Business users first. If all goes well, the instant messaging software may make this capability available to all other users. WhatsApp formerly enabled Business users to rename their connected devices. If the do not disturb option is enabled on the Business account, the missed call alert will operate.

WhatsApp missed calls

WABetaInfo, a platform tracker, discovered this new WhatsApp function. "WhatsApp beta for iOS is currently rolling out a new feature that helps users understand why they missed calls: ability to identify whether the do not disturb option is enabled," WABetaInfo stated. If you don't notice that the call has been hushed by the do not disturb mode, it's possible that you're using an iOS version that isn't compatible or that the functionality isn't accessible for your account, he explained.

"When you get a WhatsApp call and your notifications are turned off because the do not disturb mode is active, a new label will appear directly within the call history: it will show that you missed the call because it was muted by the do not disturb option," according to WABetaInfo."

"Because this information isn't shared with WhatsApp or the people who call you, it's just stored in the app's local database. Furthermore, because this is an iOS 15 API, you must utilize WhatsApp on at least iOS 15 to access it "He went on to say.

This week, WhatsApp will support the new API, and a new update will be posted on the App Store that will make the capability available to everyone.

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