Why Wikipedia asking for donations or funding, Can you remove this notice?

The reasons why Wikipedia asking for donations everyday, complete steps to remove this notice

Wikipedia is a popular knowledge library in the internet since 2001, where you can find every types of details for any items. This all knowledge are free to learn from Wikipedia without any hassle or premium services.

Wikipedia asking for donations

Reasons why Wikipedia asking for donations

Now the encyclopedia needs your help to improve Wikipedia services. Because of this when you are try to visit Wikipedia page for collecting any knowledge, then there are some notice display in the top of this website. But this is not for one time, when you revisit again, Wikipedia try to display the donation notice again and try to say you that don't scroll away without donation.

This message is automated, everyday this will changed according to the Day, Date etc. Currently during writing this article, the present date is Monday, 20 June. Which means if I visit Wikipedia today, then the message looks like below image. You can clearly see the message including Monday.

Wikipedia asking for donations
Image of Wikipedia asking for donations

Distribution of your Wikipedia's donation

According to Wikipedia page 43% of your donation amount will used to improve Wikipedia knowledge projects. 32% of that amount will goes to volunteers who share their knowledge on Wikipedia in daily basis and another 25% of your donation amount will goes to Wikipedia foundation to fulfill their mission and to gives free knowledge forever.

Can you remove Wikipedia donation notice?

Yes, there are some ways to remove this donation notice. First you can donate Rs. 25 to Wikipedia to get rid of this notice. Second thing when i recently visited Wikipedia without login, then this notification display in my device, but after logging to Wikipedia, this notice also removed automatically. Even i not give them any types of donations from that account. So you can try these 2 methods to remove Wikipedia's donation notice.

Also seeing this message from Wikipedia, many users on internet make funny memes, here are some Wikipedia memes trending now on Twitter.

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