WWDC 2022 Report, iOS 16 revealed with Revamped Lock Screen all new Features

the iOS 16 upgrade and The software enhancements demonstrated at WWDC will be released later this year

iOS 16, Apple's next-generation operating system for compatible iPhone devices, has been officially announced. Apple has made tweaks and enhancements across the system at its annual WWDC keynote presentation, as earlier leaks and rumours predicted. 

The iOS 16 software update will be available later this year, most likely in September, for iPhone 8 and later handsets. It will include enhancements to the operating system, such as a revamped lock screen and notification system, as well as updated and redesigned system apps. Developer previews will be available this week, with a public beta to follow next month, ahead of the public release later this year.

iOS 16 Release Date


Apple has started rolling out developer previews of iOS 16 to Apple Developer Program members. Meanwhile, an open beta for iOS users will begin in July, and people may join up on the company's website. According to Apple, the iOS 16 upgrade and the software enhancements demonstrated at WWDC will be released later this year — most likely in September — for iPhone 8 and subsequent devices.

Lock Screen support

With multi-layered customization possibilities, the iOS 16 upgrade will offer one of the most significant improvements to the iOS Lock Screen in years. Users will have access to wallpapers with widget-like functionality, and the OS will allow them to customise their setup by selecting from a variety of fonts and colour filters. They may also add widgets for future calendar events, fitness progress, and numerous widgets, as well as choosing from a curated selection of backgrounds and settings offered by Apple.


iOS 16 will also have a Photo Shuffle feature, which will let users to change their lockscreens automatically. The update will also enable a Weather wallpaper, which will display current weather conditions on the lockscreen, as well as an Astronomy wallpaper, which will display vistas of the Earth, Moon, and solar system. According to Apple, developers may utilise WidgetKit to make it easier to bring their content to the lockscreen.

Notifications have been redesigned in iOS 16 so that they don't get in the way of custom backgrounds and Lock Screen layouts. On iOS, lockscreen notifications will now scroll in from the bottom of the screen, making it easier to tap and access them with one hand. According to Apple, users may choose among apps that use the Live Activities API to deliver live sports results, monitor their Uber trip, or manage music from the lock screen.

Focus Modes

With iOS 15, Apple introduced focus modes, and with iOS 16, Apple is bringing them to the lockscreen. Users may now activate Focus modes from the lock screen by swiping left or right. Users will be able to associate a Lock Screen Wallpaper and widget with a certain Focus mode, allowing them to move between Focus modes by swiping to the appropriate Lock Screen.

Apple will also offer deeper integration for Focus modes to its own applications with the release of iOS 16, allowing users to select out tabs, accounts, email, and features from apps like Calendar, Mail, Messages, and Safari. In the Messages app, for example, Apple will notify users with a notice that states Filtered by Focus. According to the corporation, this feature will be extended to third-party apps as well.


WWDC message

The ability to modify messages is part of a major upgrade to Messages. This is a function that only a few chat applications, such as Telegram, provide. Users may also undo message transmission, allowing them to retrieve communications - a functionality that is already available on applications like Signal, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

According to Apple, users may also flag messages as unread, allowing them to return to a conversation at a later time. According to Apple, SharePlay will be available in Messages with iOS 16, allowing users to stream synchronised content such as movies and songs while sharing playback controls in a Messages discussion.


According to Apple, email scheduling will be included in iOS 16's Mail app. Users will also be able to cancel the sending of an email before it reaches the inbox of the intended recipient. Users will be alerted if they neglected to attach an attachment to an email, and older mails will be resurfaced with Remind Later and Follow Up options. It's worth mentioning that competitor services and apps, like as Gmail, provide similar functions. As customers search for emails, Apple is also improving the search tool in the Mail app, which will reveal recent emails, contacts, documents, and links.

Apple Wallet

Apple Wallet now supports sharing keys and IDs, allowing users to exchange ID for identification and age verification. While using Menahwile, users may securely share their home, workplace, hotel, and automobile keys with others via the Messages and Mail applications, allowing them to access the same keys directly in their Wallet App. Apple also claims to be working with the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) on support for sharing keys with non-Apple customers.


Apple additionally added support for Apple Pay Later, a six-week payment plan that allows consumers to make four equal payments with no interest or penalties. According to Apple, it may be used everywhere Apple Pay is accepted online or in apps and leverages the MasterCard network. With the new Apple Pay Order Tracking tool, consumers will be able to check their orders and monitor their delivery. The tool was developed in collaboration with Shopify, according to the business.

Apple Maps

Apple Maps will be available in eleven additional countries later this year, including Belgium, France, Israel, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the Palestinian Territories, Saudi Arabia, and Switzerland, according to an impending update from the Cupertino business. Apple has now revealed the option to add up to 15 stops in advance to Apple Maps.

Meanwhile, those who utilise public transportation will be able to view transit updates in Apple Wallet, including the cost of trip and transit card support. Users will be able to monitor their transport card balance, receive warnings when it is low, and replace their cards all from inside the app. Users may also take use of Look Around compatibility in third-party apps to obtain Street View-like views of specified places.

Apple News

Support for a My Sports area is being added to the Apple News app. According to Apple, customers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia will be able to follow their favourite teams and leagues by viewing scores, schedules, and standings for major professional and collegiate leagues. Meanwhile, highlights from matches will be available on the Apple News app. According to Apple, Apple News+ customers will also have access to premium sports content.

Health and Fitness

iPhone users will be able to set a daily Move goal in the Fitness app and track active calories to close their ring with iOS 16 — the company claims it will use motion sensors from the smartphone to estimate burned calories for the Move goal, by tracking steps, distance, flights climbed, and workouts from third-party apps. According to Apple, they may also be shared with friends.

Health app will be upgraded to include support for a new Prescriptions feature that will allow users to add and manage their continuing drugs, as well as set up reminders and schedules for medications, vitamins, and supplements. In the United States, users will be able to aim their camera at a label to instantly discover information about the prescription and learn about any interactions. Health information may be shared with other users, and records from connected health institutions can be utilised to generate a PDF document directly from the Health app.

Safety Check

WWDC safety Check

Apple launched Safety Check, a new privacy feature meant to assist consumers whose personal safety is threatened by domestic or intimate partner abuse, at WWDC 2022. Users will be able to swiftly remove access to others using the Safety Check tool. Users may easily sign out of iCloud on their other devices, reset privacy permissions for all applications, stop sharing their location, and turn off messaging on all other devices save the one they are holding by tapping the Start Emergency Reset button.

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